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A complete holistic financial system for designing the business that can fund your dreams and build a more just + joyful world!

You’re a brilliant business owner with heart & soul for days who values ethics, connection, and relationships and is here for systemic change.

You’re ready to build more money mastery because you know it's THE KEY for stepping into more.  And not just from a mindset perspective, but adding skills, tools, and knowledge to your wisdom that allow you to drive your business forward. 

Money though, can feel complicated and like there’s so much to learn.  But what if there were a simple system that ushered in confidence and calm?  

Oh Hey,

The most holistic profit planning tool on the market intentionally designed by a former psychotherapist to help you build more money mastery that deepens your business acumen & provides the inner tools that radically transform! 

Welcome to the DreamMoney™ Blueprint

DreamMoney™ stands for money that's…

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Meaning, yes - we’re focused on stepping into more money, but money that’s intentional, personal, liberating, transformative, and a change agent for funding a more just + joyful world.


DreamMoney™ Blueprint?

What's your unique

Because DreamMoney™ is more than simply pulling in more cash.  It’s allowing your money to love you, support you, and nourish you while intentionally building the future you want to have.  

It’s both putting numbers to paper and letting the math “math.” 
But it’s also stepping into a partnership with money where you have each other's back. 

This is where DreamMoney™ happens.  Where your business is pulling in the money needed because you charted your custom sustainable path. And you’re building supportive money habits that build rock solid safety for stepping into more cash.   

And your first step is building out your custom blueprint that holds your master plan.

Empower 1 Million Dreamers with the financial tools they need to grow sustainable, profitable, impactful businesses that intentionally shift our world.

Empower 1 Million Dreamers with the internal shifts they need for money to intentionally amplify the values they already hold. 

Our Vision

And helps you map out the business that can earn your desired revenue from a place of sustainability, clarity, and ease.  

It’s the most holistic profit planning tool on the market that brings your business and personal financials all into one place by bringing a powerful system of calculators, profit planning tools, and financial trackers in an easy, intuitive framework that’s:

Simple, Streamlined and Personal

For a relationship with money that’s built to last.   

Your unique DreamMoney™ Blueprint is your Custom-To-You Roadmap for clarifying the amount of money needed to fund the life you want to live as well as your future dreams. 

Create meaningful revenue goals based on your personal needs and dreams

Clarify healthy margins for prioritizing sustainable cash flow

Clarify profitable price points so you’re not undercharging for your work

Map out the sustainable business model that can reach your revenue goals

Clarify the number of clients you want to support each year that informs your intentional marketing

Cast profit projections to anticipate your cash flow in any given month

Map out your sales calendar so you know what you're selling and when!

Allocate your money on a bi-weekly basis to fund your specific needs and dreams.

And maximize profit through your custom Profit Share Plan to reward you and your team!

The DreamMoney™ Blueprint helps you:

Who are building courses, group programs, products, and services who value a sustainable business model that’s also generating their desired cash. 

The DreamMoney™ Blueprint was specifically designed for


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Your numbers will always tell you what needs to shift for your dreams to become real, which naturally point to the next belief or “block” your life/business needs you to heal.  

It’s taking this holistic approach that sets the DreamMoney™ Blueprint apart.

The DreamMoney™ Blueprint is a practical business profit planning tool that takes a money-first approach to healing. 

You’ll clarify your goals and map out your custom blueprint for reaching them including the price points for your offers, your sales goals for your offers, and your sales calendar for enrolling in your offers with a 12-month view, quarterly view, and monthly view to help you stay on track.  

The DreamMoney™ Blueprint becomes your financial hub telling you exactly how much revenue you have secured coming in each + every month.  

It also gives you a detailed snapshot of how all of your revenue will be allocated behind the scenes. For instance, you’ll know exactly when you can expect to give yourself a raise, comfortably expand your team, or when you can anticipate fully funding a big dream.  

It will be a tool you consult with EVERY TIME you map out any revenue plan as it will tell you what even a subtle shift to a price point, a sales goal, or a timeline will have on your business as a whole.  

The DreamMoney™ Blueprint offers your HIGH-LEVEL financial clarity for reaching your most important goals!  And it’s this level of financial clarity that supports you as a smart & savvy CEO. 

The DreamMoney™ Blueprint Method is a repeatable process you’ll do every year.

Creating Your Blueprint One Step At a Time

The DreamMoney™ Blueprint comes with a self-paced course that helps you create your custom Blueprint step-by-easeful step.  Once you’ve created your first one, it’ll be a breeze creating your next and your next!! 

Our first step is calculating your unique-to-you DreamMoney™ Goals that fund your KEY FINANCIAL NEEDS.  (These will be calculated every single business year as your needs shift and dreams are made real.)  

Altruistic giving creating more meaning between you and every dollar that walks through your door

Retirement (IRA contributions, etc.)

Reinvestment needs (the sustainable amount to be reinvested back into the business to create more intentional growth)

Team Salaries (both contract and W-2 employees)

Business & Personal Taxes

Business operational expenses to fund your business

Personal expenses to fund your life (your life now & your future dreams)

Your Key Financial Needs Include:

Get The DreamMoney™️ Blueprint

We believe DreamMoney™ is available to all of us, but we must show up to do the work. We need tools that give us clarity and confidence that allow us to build more trust. 

When you trust yourself with money, you feel safer stepping into more.  And MORE of your wisdom, gifts, & vision are needed to build a better world!

A money first approach gives your business the air it needs to breathe. 

And our numbers will always point us to the next right step needed for more
money healing.

In fact, earning IS healing and is a much better way to approach inner money work.

We believe the healing work doesn’t have to happen first.

More money in the hands of dreamers will fund a more just + joyful world. 

More dreamers who have the financial skills, tools, and knowledge needed will step into more abundant cash flow.

We believe

But personal unique-to-you revenue goals are truly just the start. 

It’s mapping out the way to reach them that’s the most important part!! 

The DreamMoney™️ Blueprint supports you in mapping out the most sustainable way to reach your needed revenue with clarity & ease by helping you:


Map out your business model for generating revenue including each of your offers/revenue streams (1:1, group programs, products, courses, etc) 

Map out your sales calendar that informs your marketing so you’re not winging it without a plan 


Crystalize sustainable price points for each of your offers as well as your sales goals for each


And also manage your money once it’s earned so you keep more vs. spend more so you intentionally steward your money toward your dreams 

A comprehensive system of powerful calculators and profit planning tools

A self-paced video course walking you through how to create your own custom Blueprint

A community of like-minded Dreamers who are intentionally stepping into more revenue with the sustainable businesses that make it possible while also doing their inner money work

And a holistic framework to building more money mastery - both the skillset + the knowledge, but also from within

The DreamMoney™ Blueprint comes with:

The DreamMoney™️ Blueprint has been tested across HUNDREDS of different businesses and is a step-by-step process that has been perfected + distilled.

Buy Now for $247

Lifetime access to a private Facebook Group with Megan for sharing your money wins and getting important A’s to your money Q’s

Two live calls with Megan every month inside the exclusive DreamMoney™ Community through May 2024!

The Community includes: 

It is ESSENTIAL every business owner knows the most important numbers in their business - which are their unique revenue goals that fund their personal needs and dreams + their unique margins for creating sustainable cash flow!

The DreamMoney™ Calculator for determining your unique-to-you Good/Better/Best revenue goals that fund your needs + dreams and your unique margins for sustainable, profitable cash flow 

An introduction to your trans-generational money story and how that impacts your revenue goals

A workbook + training for clarifying your money motivators

The Personal Needs Calculator

The Business Needs Calculator

The DreamMoney™ Calculator includes the:

*Recommended for business owners who are just starting out & want a powerful financial foundation for their business!

Get Access to Just the DreamMoney™ Calculator + Community for $247

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Buy Now for $997

Lifetime access to a private Facebook Group with Megan for sharing your money wins and getting important A’s to your money Q’s.

Two live calls with Megan every month inside the exclusive DreamMoney™ Community through May 2024!

The Community includes: 

Yearly Profit Share Plan for maximizing profit in your business to reward you + your team!

DreamMoney™ Calculator for setting meaningful money goals & clarifying profitable margins

Sustainable Price Point Calculator for each of the revenue streams in your business

Sustainable Sales Goal Calculator for each of your offers/revenue streams

Sales Calendar for mapping out your sales plan across the year

Profit Projection Calculator giving you a birds eye view of your anticipated revenue every month

Money Management Tracker for allocating your money every month to fund each of your needs & dreams

The Full DreamMoney™ Blueprint includes the:

*Recommended for business owners who have been in business for at least 1 year & need powerful planning tools for creating sustainable cash flow!

Get Access to the Full DreamMoney™ Blueprint + Community for $997

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Megan has the most grounded way of teaching about money. Especially how to steward it with intention that feels true to you and attainable for your long term goals.  I'm forever a fan!  No words could ever express the deepest gratitude I have for your presence and the way you lead with integrity. 

~ Jhoanna Rae, Founder of the Intuitive Body Method™

I've now gone through the course two times and each time, I receive new insights into my relationship with my dreams.  Money in the past has overwhelmed me to say the least.  But your DreamMoney™ framework has helped me clearly define my money goals and has been foundational for how I can create more sustainability.  Amazing!!

~ Heather J Ruth, Pure Soulful Coaching

As someone who grew up with an immigrant poverty mindset, it has been such a growth journey to re-establish my own relationship with money.  The DreamMoney™ Blueprint helped me think with both head + heart about my business finances and it all feels so doable for how I can achieve my goals.  Thanks, Megan!

~ Lydia Lee, Screw the Cubicle

Before the DreamMoney™ Blueprint, I couldn't have handled a 30% drop in sales last month.  Megan's wisdom on margins and allocations helped me still maintain a profit and went through that season with flow and ease knowing it would all be okay and I could keep paying my team.  So valuable!  Thank you!

~ Lisa Olson, Orchard & Vine Magazine

Get The DreamMoney™ Blueprint

Are you ready to become a Dreamer? 

Those who believe a better way is possible will be the ones who create it.

Dreamers will be the ones who FUND IT too!

If you and I are new to each other, I’m Megan Hale - business strategist, thought partner, and money mentor for coaches, consultants, therapists, and healers who hold a vision for making a bigger impact with their wisdom and also need the business skillset to make it happen.  

In 2017, I sat down to create the first version of what the DreamMoney™ Blueprint is today - a holistic set of calculators and profit planning tools that allowed me to map out my custom business plan that could generate my personal definition of success. This tool radically gave me the clarity I needed to see what shifts needed to be made in my business that didn’t just allow more to be POSSIBLE - it allowed more to be PROBABLE! 

I doubled my revenue that following year and have been teaching the DreamMoney™ Method ever since. 

As a former psychotherapist, I was acutely aware of my own hang ups around money.  And after three solid years of doing the inner healing work that was NOT translating to a more supportive bank account - I learned the hard lesson, but the right lesson, that money has to be approached with both strategy + soul. 

What you’ll get with the DreamMoney™ Blueprint is an intuitive approach to money that makes it more approachable, but also gives you the tools you need to build a business that intentionally creates sustainable growth. 

I want more money in the hands of those who are creating a better way - whose work in the world is shifting the way we live, love, parent, grieve, heal, work, and love. 

Chances are you’re bringing your skillset to your clients to help their lives and/or businesses transform.  Me too!  And I firmly believe that TOGETHER, we can shape a different world!  After all... 


Shift an entire paradigm that ushers in more connection, humanity, and love. 

Money is here to support your dreams.
The DreamMoney™ Blueprint is here to support both you + your money together! 

What will DreamMoney™ look like for you?

Get The DreamMoney™ Blueprint

More details to come soon as the app's advanced features are confirmed.

Bonus!! By purchasing the DreamMoney™ Blueprint, I’ll be walking you through how to set up an intentional give-back inside your own business to add more meaning to every dollar that walks through your door. 

5% of proceeds will be supporting the Fearless Fund - a Venture Capital Fund investing in Women of Color led businesses seeking seed & growth financing.  

95% of proceeds will be going toward supporting a Woman-Owned FinTech App that will radically shift the way business owners approach their cash.  

By investing in the DreamMoney™ Blueprint, you’re not only investing in a powerful tool for YOUR BUSINESS, but you’re also investing in my ability to develop these tools into an software that can support even more businesses!

A nod to the future

Get The DreamMoney™ Blueprint

It’s time to get the tools you need to design the business that can fund your dreams and build a more just + joyful world!

Put the power of the DreamMoney™ Blueprint to work in your business today!

Of course. You’ll be provided a unique custom coupon code in your confirmation email to complete your order for $750. 

Your upgrade unlocks the additional profit planning tools inside the DreamMoney™ Blueprint for mapping out your custom business plan and managing your money once it’s received to intentionally fund your needs and dreams. You’ll also receive lifetime access to the additional self-paced modules inside the on-demand course.

Can I upgrade to the full DreamMoney™ Blueprint if I only purchase the DreamMoney™ Goals Calculator?

No.  I take an intersectional approach to money.  While the DreamMoney™ Blueprint focuses more so on profit planning and money management, the money healing work you’ll find inside our community honors each members’ unique social identities and how they intersect with money beliefs and money barriers that are distinct byproducts of systemic oppression.

Additionally, we do not do magical thinking and are very conscious when referring to concepts like manifestation as they can erase levels of privilege operating in the background.  We also take a progressive approach to building more wealth vs doing the most with the least.  As an example, we do talk about intentional spending, but never from a place of trying to fund your retirement by forgoing your daily pleasures.  i.e. Buy your favorite latte!!

I have a marginalized identity.  Does the DreamMoney™ approach bypass my lived experience?

Neurodiversity covers a wide range of neuro-differences that impact each person in their own unique way.  While I cannot promise this will meet every need, what I can share is I’ve taken intentional steps to make the self-paced learning portion as accessible as possible with video speed controls, captions, and transcripts.  I’ve also had plenty of neurodiverse Blueprinters find this tool incredibly helpful for creating their revenue plans & managing their money.

I’m neurodiverse.  Will this work for my business?

You have lifetime access to both the DreamMoney™ Blueprint spreadsheets and the self-paced course.  Please note, the DreamMoney™ spreadsheets that contain all the calculators and profit planning tools are a digital product, which means once you download your copy of the DreamMoney™ Blueprint, you will have it indefinitely.  The lifetime access to the course is defined as the lifetime of the product.

How long do I have access to the DreamMoney™ Blueprint and Calculator?

Immediately after you purchase, you will be taken to a confirmation page where you’ll be prompted to login to the self-paced course that walks you through creating your first Blueprint step-by-step.  You’ll also immediately receive a confirmation email with the same login details.

How do I access the DreamMoney™ Blueprint and Calculator after purchase?

The DreamMoney™ Blueprint is a methodology that you’ll use every single year to map out your revenue goals and your business plan for reaching them. It’ll be a tool you refer to and consult on a weekly basis as well to stay on top of the secured revenue you have coming in as well as managing your money once it’s earned so it intentionally funds your needs and dreams.  

The DreamMoney™ Blueprint becomes the financial hub inside your business giving you the clarity you need to make high-level financial decisions that guide your business forward.

What’s the long-term ROI of the DreamMoney™ Blueprint?

With both the DreamMoney™ Blueprint and the DreamMoney™ Calculator, you receive lifetime access to the self-paced course that’s hosted on Membervault, an intuitive platform that delivers a streamlined learning experience. Both the DreamMoney™️ Blueprint and DreamMoney™ Calculator are built on Google Sheets and will be added to your own Google Drive as instructed in the course. 

In addition, you get access to our private Dreamers community with Megan with 2 live calls a month (every month) through May 2024!  Imagine getting comfortable talking about money + engaging with money regularly 🙌🏼  Get ready to radically shift the way you relate to money through Megan's proprietary systems-strategy-soul approach for dream money! 🤩

What comes with my purchase?

I had never worked with spreadsheets before I created the DreamMoney™ Blueprint.  All of our calculations are very simple and I walk you through each one to make this as easeful as possible.  *And, if it offers any additional reassurance, most people who don’t like spreadsheets tell me I’m their “spreadsheet whisperer”.  I make this incredibly approachable and intuitive as I walk you through it step-by-step.

What if I’m not familiar with spreadsheets/Google Sheets?

Because of the digital nature of the DreamMoney™️ Blueprint and Calculator - there are no refunds after purchase. Should you need additional support with creating your Blueprint, I’ll be there every step of the way inside our active community. *It’s also worth noting that amongst the hundreds of businesses that have purchased the DreamMoney™️ Blueprint since 2018, there has never been a refund request. Both the Blueprint and Calculator are powerful tools and have created hundreds of happy business owners for the financial clarity they both provide.

Are there refunds?

The DreamMoney™ Blueprint supports micro-businesses, which include businesses with yearly revenue between $0 - $3M.  It’s a highly flexible tool designed to grow with you as you grow.  The grand majority of our users are between $0 - $500K in yearly revenue.

What size businesses does the DreamMoney™ Blueprint work for?

It works for businesses that have all kinds of service-based models from therapists in private practice seeing clients 1:1 to web designers and photographers selling templates and done-for-you work, to coaches, consultants, and strategists who have a blend of courses, group programs, products, and 1:1 work that make up their offer suite. The Blueprint is highly flexible to be customized to your unique business model. 

What types of businesses does the DreamMoney™ Blueprint work for?


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Money that's... 

Deliberate * Reliable * Easeful * Abundant * Meaningful!

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